The Wicked Wicked Witch and the Ruinous Manipulation

A gruesome fairy tale by Maud Earnshaw

Let’s Do This Thing!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this petition really deserves your attention.Edward Burbank has been trying for over a year now to get a response from Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare about their incongruous decision to serve meat, fish, eggs and dairy in their animal sanctuary’s cafe, and he has heard absolutely nothing from them. This is very rude of course, and ordinarily one would assume that, being a charity dependent on the support of the public, they would reply promptly to any enquiry or comment received.  Therefore, not engaging in a discussion on this particular subject must be a policy decision.  They refuse to get into it because they know they haven’t got a leg to stand on and, in their experience, if you ignore vegan complainers they’ll go away.  Eventually.  Which is why we absolutely must not go away!!!

Well respected animal welfare organisations such as the RSPCA and Raystede do so much harm when they don’t speak out against animal farming.  If they send out the message that nice people can still eat meat, fish, eggs and dairy, that it’s not cruel to do so, then their many well-meaning followers will not question it.  These well-meaning followers consider themselves devoted animal lovers and they look to organisations like Raystede to show them the way.  If  Raystede does not give a clear, unequivocal message that animal farming of all kinds (whether for puppies, meat, dairy, eggs, fish, wool, leather, fur, feathers, offal, …) is hideously cruel and as wrong as beating a kitten, they are ensuring that it never ends.  They are ensuring that their many many followers keep making the unwarranted distinction between farm animals and pet animals, and will keep paying into the brutal slavery, torture and execution of innocent, feeling, beautiful animals.

Raystede’s founder – Mabel Raymonde-Hawkins – knew this, which is why she made it clear that she cared for ALL animals, whether they were wild, farmed, incarcerated in zoos, or kept as pets, she made no distinction.  She wrote in her book: “My own view, and that of every decent minded person, is that no animal should be caused to suffer at all for any reason.”  She couldn’t have made it any clearer.  Raystede still uses her phrase – that they care for ALL animals – on the sign outside the sanctuary and on their website:

But tragically they have become just like every other animal welfare organisation that thinks of different animals differently – some being worthy of compassion, some not.

Poor Miss Raymonde-Hawkins must be turning in her grave.  They never had meat on site in her day.  They would be disgusted by anyone who brought a meat sandwich in with them to work.  She wrote in her book about the silly hypocrisy of people who considered themselves animal lovers and yet were still personally responsible for the deaths of several every week for their meals.

So who made the decision to betray her legacy?  And what right had they to do that?  If you check out the petition’s update you can see listed the names and addresses of Raystede’s president (who personally knew Miss Raymonde-Hawkins by the way) and all the trustees. Please write to them – or choose one of them to repeatedly write to, and ask them why they continue to order the brutal murder of living, breathing, feeling animals to feed their cafe’s customers, and how they can reconcile that with their mission to care for ALL animals, and their founder’s lifelong commitment to educate the public, to try to make them understand that animals are not property and should not be used and abused for profit.

Get everyone you know to sign that petition and share it as widely as possible- and write some letters!!!

You can’t trust the BBC!


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I’ve Seen You In The Meat Aisle



If you were the kind of person who was brought up to eat meat and dairy but had an innate love and sympathy for animals, you might start to worry that raising them and killing them for food might hurt them.  You might seek advice, asking – “is it done humanely?” or “do they suffer?”


If you asked a butcher or a farmer those questions and he told you – “oh no, don’t worry, they don’t suffer,” or “no, no, no, it’s all done very humanely” or “there are very strict rules in this country to ensure that there’s nothing cruel about it”, then you might hesitate to believe him, knowing that he has a vested interest in keeping you eating meat and therefore a motivation to deceive you on this point.


However, if you got the same response from people whose job it is to care for animals, to rescue them from abuse and neglect and to give them sanctuary,  you’re more likely to believe them.


For this reason, organisations like the RSPCA and Compassion in World Farming may well do more to keep people from veganism than the butchers and the farmers.  Many many people love animals and only a small fraction of them become vegan.  I believe this is because respected animal welfare organisations don’t tell them that there is no such thing as humane animal agriculture or humane slaughter.  They assure people that as long as they buy ‘free range’, organic, “freedom food”, and naturally reared animal products their consciences are clear.


Organisations like these have great power and influence.  If they told the truth about the horror which is inseparable from animal farming, in every instance without exception, we would see a huge increase in new vegans and enlightenment.  So why don’t they use their influence for good?  Why do they forsake the very individuals they’ve sworn to protect, as well as the humans who genuinely do want to do the right thing?


Raystede is another such organisation.  It is an animal sanctuary in Ringmer, East Sussex which rescues and rehomes dogs, cats and small animals as well as providing a permanent home for  horses, donkeys, goats, exotic birds, chickens, turkeys and tortoises. They also provide educational materials for school parties and families in an effort to educate people in how to take better care of their animals.  They have done a lot of very good work for many decades.   On their front page they write:

“We believe that every animal has the right to health, happiness and freedom from suffering.”

And yet they serve meat, fish, eggs and dairy in their on-site cafe.


So, visitors who come to Raystede are getting a very confusing message:

On the one hand – “every animal has the right to health, happiness and freedom from suffering.”

And on the other hand – it’s ok pay for animals to be enslaved and killed at a young age to satisfy our appetites.

Children get the message: nice people who know about animals and love animals eat meat and fish and eggs and cheese, so it must be ok to do it.


Raystede do the animals, and the people who want to do their best for the animals, a great disservice by setting this very bad example.  They sustain the status quo.  They keep animals in the horrific cycle of abuse, exploitation and execution.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sign this petition and share it far and wide so that others will keep asking them to remove animal products from their menu.


Thank you.


The Wicked Wicked End

vegan fairy tale

vegan fairy tale

The End 😮

If you want to read the whole story, click here


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A Perfectly Revolting Wicked Wicked Spell

vegan fairy tale

vegan fairy tale

This wicked wicked tale concludes tomorrow,

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Recitation Location Location Location

vegan fairy tale

vegan fairy tale

vegan fairy tale

To be continued 🙂

But you can read the whole story here 🙂


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Only once did she fear defeat

vegan fairy tale

vegan fairy tale

continues tomorrow 😮

or read it all here now 🙂


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vegan fairy tale

vegan fairy tale

vegan fairy tale

continues next week,

or you can read the whole story here 🙂

Have a good weekend!


vegan, vegetarian, vegan fairy tale, children’s story, juvenile fiction, children’s book, art, collage, environment, global warming

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