The planet is facing imminent environmental destruction: the oceans are dying, the forests are being chopped down at an alarming rate.  Fresh water resources are decreasing and becoming ever more polluted, the climate is heating up and the ice caps are melting.

The human race is facing extreme health crises: cancer, heart disease, diabetes, dementia …

All are caused directly by animal agriculture and could be reversed if animal farming was stopped.


And yet the humans seem determined not to stop.  Eating meat, dairy, fish and eggs is so extremely important to them that they must continue at all costs.  Never mind that their health is deteriorating; never mind that their children and their children’s children will run out of clean water to drink in a matter of decades.

It doesn’t make sense to me.  It’s as though they’re under a spell.  Yes, that must be it.


Children, before they’ve been influenced and lied to by society, are naturally loving to animals.  They are drawn to them, they love to be near them, they want to take care of them, they want to befriend them.  For this reason parents who wish to feed meat to their children feel compelled to deceive them.  They give them meat but they don’t tell them what they’re eating.

I saw a little girl in a bakery who heard her mother ask for a chicken pie.

“Chicken?” she asked, shocked and concerned, “That’s not the chicken from the barnyard is it? That’s not a chicken like the ones in the story?”

“No, that’s not what this is, this is something different,” lied her mother.

When they’re a bit older they are told the truth about what it is they’re eating but the lies are now about the reasons for eating it.  They’re told it’s good for them, it’s necessary and it’s perfectly humane.  A couple of years ago a little boy of about 5 started talking to me on the train.  He was looking out of the window at all the animals he could see, telling me how much he loved them all.

“I love the horses, and the pigs, and the sheep, and the lambs,” he was telling me.

Then his father, overhearing the conversation, laughingly said, “yes, you love the lamb on your plate don’t you?  You love the lamb in your Sunday dinner.”

The boy was crestfallen and, looking at me, said quietly,

“I don’t want them to be killed, it’s unkind.”


So the parents and the teachers and everyone else the child learns from as they grow, continue to reinforce the idea that eating animals is right; that animals are not our friends and do not think and feel as we do; that animals are inferior and were put on the Earth for our convenience, to be used as we see fit; they call them livestock, ie living property.  The child’s natural instincts are worn away until, very soon, they don’t question it any more.  They are equally under the spell.


This has gone on for so very long but the Earth cannot afford to allow the deception to continue anymore.  Indeed, it might already be too late.  But if there’s a remote possibility that the world can be saved, we have to try.  We have to open the eyes of the next generation.

Children deserve the truth.  We have to break the spell.


To do list:

  1. Watch Cowspiracy and/or read The Sustainability Secret and get everyone else to watch/read it.

Watch full movie for free on Netflix

Go to the sustainability secret

2.  Get as many children as possible to read The Wicked Wicked Witch and the Ruinous Manipulation because they deserve the truth.  Buy copies of it (it’s only £2.80 remember) and get them out there: put them into children’s libraries and charity shops, leave them on bookshelves everywhere – DON’T ASK PERMISSION, JUST DO IT.

3.  Add an important message to other children’s books.  The following images can be downloaded and made into stickers.